Containers for food and pizza

60×40 Plastic containers

Their most common use is to preserve dough inside pizzeria and bakery drawings, ready to use. For this reason they’re made in polypropylene and polyethylene, the best materials for the intense use they’re destined for. Designed to be robust, they not only have high thickness but also utilise various strengtheners; yet they’re still easy to handle and slide around, thanks to the rounded borders and the soft, light plastic used. Available in different heights and with both variants 60×40 and 63×43 to meet the different needs of each kitchen. A trolley specifically made to transport them is also available.

Polyethylene containers 600x400mm with closed sides

Code Ext. dimens. (mm) Int. dimens. Cap. lt. 600x400x75 565x365x70 14 600x400x95 565x365x90 18 600x400x130 565x365x120 24


Polyethylene white lid for 600x400mm without handle

Code Ext. dimens. (mm) 600×400


Polypropylene containers 630x430mm with external handles

Code Ext. dimens. (mm) Int. dimens. Cap. lt. 630x430x65 h 600x400x60 14 630x430x85 h 600x400x80 19 630x430x115 h 600x400x110 26


Polypropylene white lid for 630x430mm with handle

Code Ext. dimens. (mm) 640×435