Stainless steel is modeled by printing, a process that involves different kinds of machinery according to its needs: hydraulic presses up to 600 tons, mechanical presses to cut, pickling and deburring machines, washing tunnels with distilled water… Inox Macel is especially proud of its plant for washing by electrolysis: 30 meters long, the products come out clean and shiny more than with any other system, a step normally required only for surgical instruments. Alongside quality control via sampling, the finished product is checked one last time while being bagged, an additional guarantee for the best quality.

Plastic articles are produced by robotized injection presses up to 1250 tons: machines that, once calibrated and adjusted to specific needs, allow maximum reduction in the manual handling of the products. Producing by injection is not only efficient, but very flexible: cost for new moulds are reduced compared to those for stainless steel, and allow versatile use for customisations like logos, external stickers or pad printing.