About us

Inox Macel originated in 1980, when Mr. Salvi Battista, a resourceful man with 25 years of hard work cleaning metals decided to turn a new page in his life. He made the first steps with his wife, Mrs. Antonella Gentile, and established himself as a talented salesman. He then involved his brother Mr. Ernesto Salvi and his wife, Mrs. Carmelina Gentile and they started the production of butcher hooks, made possible via Ernesto’s technical skills.

They founded a family company and, bit by bit, extended their product range and reach: in 1982 hooks were not “enough” anymore and they introduced trays, containers and products for ice-cream parlours. Stainless steel printing became the company’s core production which culminated in the creation of the full Gastronorm line. The world changed and the company changed with it: 2000 saw the move to the production of plastic products, with the first polycarbonate Gastronorm containers; soon after more and more tableware articles were added, like glasses, pitchers, bowls… In 2004 the company entered the market for racks for industrial dishwashers, a sector that has been constantly growing up to today.
At the same time, expansion was blossoming across national borders and around the world. After millions of kilometers and dozens of HORECA fairs in multiple international locations, Inox Macel products can be found from Australia to Canada, from Finland to South Africa.
As of today the company avails itself of more than 10,000sqm between production and warehouse with more than 50 people working in them every day. The enterprise also bears the proud stamp of Made in Italy.

Company performance

Every year we produce more than 4,400,000 pieces, equally divided between stainless steel and plastic. Distribution is strongly based abroad and through our international partner network we reach every continent; you can find Inox Macel products in Australia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Singapore…
High flexibility and adaptability, in logistics as well as procedure, allowed the company to grow and find partners of all kinds: from the biggest HORECA European distributors and chain stores to new, innovative companies specialized in delivering directly to home; from products for professional kitchens to ready-to-use kits for the domestic market; from components for “just in time” industrial production to logos and tailor-made customisations.
For any projects or special requests, do not hesitate to contact us! Shapes, colours, logos… Inox Macel has created dozens of articles to satisfy all sort of requests.